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Postal apps

Mobile device applications are a booming business for those that seek to place them on device screens across the world. The Postal Service has taken advantage of this digital phenomenon by adding its own app to the virtual world, increasing not only the accessibility of its products, but the visibility of them as well. With so much potential in the app market, could USPS expand it’s stable of app offerings?

Many companies have several if not a plethora of apps under their collective belts. The more they create, the greater the revenue stream from the portable device market. The success of the Postal Service’s mobile smartphone application proves that one of the oldest companies in the U.S. can be an effective competitor in the new digital arena. Why not continue to expand that success into other apps?

The Postal Service is a world-renowned master of addresses. It could harness its superior prowess to create an app that allows a user to learn more about the history of particular buildings, neighborhoods and other detailed information by tapping the location on a map or by simply directing a device camera to a particular object, similar to what’s proposed in this article.

With so many ideas available to combine a long-established expertise with the latest in mobile device evolution, the possibilities are endless, and the Postal Service has the ingenuity to take its app services to the next level.

What other apps do you think the Postal Service is uniquely qualified to offer customers?

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  1. grannybunny

     /  September 9, 2014

    Secure email service. Unlike the commercial email service providers, USPS zealously guards the privacy rights of its customers.

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