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The Postal Service pioneered its own gopost parcel lockers beginning in 2012.

The Postal Service pioneered its own gopost parcel lockers beginning in 2012.

Recent advances in modern society have placed an increasing demand on an individual’s time. From social media, emails, and texting to individuals working multiple jobs and travelling greater distances to get to them, life in the digital age is not as packed with leisure time as might have been predicted decades ago. When time-sensitive activities seem to absorb more of an individual’s time with each passing year, making one’s self available for package delivery can be a challenge. That’s a particular problem a new company is looking to solve.

Swapbox is a new startup in San Francisco, CA, that offers parcel locker service inside monitored, indoor locations. To have a package delivered to a Swapbox, an individual uses the address of a Swapbox location as the destination address. When a package arrives, the recipient is sent a PIN code to unlock the unit. The company charges $1.99 to retrieve a parcel stored in one of its lockers, though there are flat rates available through its silver and gold plans for those who sign up for monthly service.

Individuals can also send items from a Swapbox locker – without packaging if they so choose. Basic shipping options for the service start at $1.99. This could be a tempting option for those who prefer to avoid packing an item.

Swapbox isn’t the only company venturing into the parcel locker service, however, and the field continues to widen as the popularity and availability of such service increases. If demand continues to strengthen over time, parcel lockers could yet prove to be as well-received and profitable as they are in many other countries around the world.

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