Big Heart for Local Community

Big heart for local community

Kristin Frish’s concern for her customers and her love of the environment has made her a popular figure around the Grangeville, ID, Post Office where she’s been a city carrier for the last 10 years.

Two of Frish’s visually-impaired customers recently nominated her for an award from the Idaho Commission for Libraries and their Talking Book Service.

“For several years Kristin has been our carrier,” wrote one customer. “She is always pleasant and friendly. She checks on the elderly and disabled, especially those living alone, on an almost daily basis. She will ring our doorbell when we receive our Talking Books and magazines. Kris is GREAT!”

“I believe very strongly in good customer service,” Frish said. “I don’t consider it a big deal to go over and above to assist special needs customers.”

Frish started a recycling program in the Grangeville Post Office to be sure waste paper products are put to further use.

“Kristin has single-handedly spearheaded our recycling program, taking it upon herself to collect and deliver Post Office recyclables to the local center on her own time,” said Postmaster Kevin Richards. “I’m monitoring our trash output and I believe we can downsize to a smaller dumpster due to generating less trash, saving us hundreds of dollars a year in city trash fees.”

“I arranged with our local recycling center to get bags to put in our lobby so customers can dispose of unwanted paper,” Trish explained. “There is a green bag for catalogs and newspapers and a white bag for all other paper. I also have a tub by my case so our employees can drop off waste paper.

“On my way home from work on Fridays, I drop off the bags at the recycling center,” she added. “I think it is important that we do what we can to protect our environment.”

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