Secure Email

Secure email

Last year, many classified documents were leaked to the public regarding covert data acquisition techniques. With the release of the information, some questioned the security of electronic means of communication. Though one can never be certain how many unintended individuals view their electronic forms of communication, there is one form of communication that remains both secure and efficient – the U.S. Mail. If a new start-up has its way, however, emails might prove to be just as secure as their physical counterpart.

ProtonMail is a crowdfunded venture start-up based in Switzerland. The primary objective of the company is to provide its users with an encrypted way to send a secured electronic message to a recipient without preying eyes gaining access to it.

Rather than encrypt messages on their own servers, ProtonMail provides users with the ability to encrypt messages on a web browser before they’re transferred to a distribution server. In doing so, the company can avoid the unintentional or compelled release of their customers’ email content to a third party.

The company intends to offer the service for free and ultimately expand it into encrypted chat and online file storage services.

Do you think there be will enough demand from paid users of ProtonMail’s services to offer a viable long-term business model to support its free features?

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