Streaming Could Be a New Road to Revenue

Streaming new road to revenue

The previous article reviewed Netflix’s recently reported strong growth in its video streaming service. The article also noted a substantial decrease in Netflix’s DVD subscriber base. With physical media slowly losing its popularity to cloud-type material, could there be room on the playing field for a well-known company to offer a competing service?

The Postal Service has delivered valuable material to customers for 239 years. It has honed and expanded its delivery expertise to incorporate many modern technologies that assist in delivering items more efficiently and transparently than ever before. With its growing skill in harnessing the power of innovation, it may very well be possible for the organization to enter the increasingly popular field of cloud-based services.

Advanced application and web-based software, detailed tracking capabilities, a large computing capacity, and many other data-driven technologies have given the Postal Service a stronger presence in an increasingly digital world. If it adapted its growing expertise to offer streaming services to customers seeking video and audio-based entertainment, the organization might very well compete with some of the biggest names in the business.

Resistance to the idea could be significant as current players might not be interested in increased competition. Still, with heightened consumer demand for secured digital transactions from well-known and well-respected brands, no other business in the country can rival the favored reputation of the Postal Service.

Do you think the Postal Service could offer a competitive media streaming service?

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