Embracing Business Opportunities into the 22nd Century

Embracing business opportunities

To ensure their longevity, companies often create multiple streams of revenue. Whether it’s by offering related or remotely related products and services, branching out can also be a form of insurance against one or more streams that have the potential to stagnate or even deteriorate over time. With this in mind, could the Postal Service consider expansion opportunities that place it squarely in the middle of the mobile technology revolution?

Many firms have formed partnerships to expand their product and service offering to take advantage of growing trends. One of the hottest trends currently in the marketplace is mobile technology. Post Offices in other countries have moved to take advantage of this trend. Brazil’s Correios has partnered with Italy’s Poste Italiane to offer customers mobile virtual network access. MaltaPost offers customers the opportunity to add minutes to their mobile or landline phone at a variety of access providers. Germany’s Deutsche Post even offers customers the opportunity to sign up to use their personal vehicles as mobile advertising platforms for partner companies. With so many avenues of expansion, USPS could partner with mobile technology firms to offer a new line of products to enhance its lineup.

The Postal Service already has new mobile point of sales technology to enhance customer service, versatile smart phone applications to improve the mailing experience, and enhanced scanning technology to offer customers greater transparency of their packages while on route to their destinations. USPS could take its expanding expertise a step further and form a partnership with a software company such as Microsoft and a hardware manufacturer such as LG to create a new brand of innovative mobile products. Whether it’s a new smart phone design, tablet PC, or another ground-breaking mobile computing platform that offers the benefits of both, the Postal Service could offer the hardware and perhaps even the cell network access to satisfy the mobility needs of the 21st century.

Innovation is the key to success in the world of tomorrow. Offering the mobile hardware technology and services of the future could allow the Postal Service to deliver enhanced value to customers into the 22nd century and beyond.

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  1. grannybunny

     /  July 8, 2014

    An obvious product would be Postal email, offering a secure, private system, unlike private email providers.

  2. Jonn

     /  July 8, 2014

    I would love to have an email address with @usps.com! It’s a more professional address than @freeemailsitewhereIcanfakemyidentity.com. Charge people $1 per month to verify their identity and maintain email servers, DO IT USPS!

  3. Anonymous

     /  July 9, 2014

    Wow – good idea Jonn & grannybunny. I too would like an email address with usps!

  4. PostalClerk

     /  July 9, 2014

    Wow – good ideas Jonn and grannybunny. I too would like a secure email address with usps. Could be a good additional revenue idea!!!

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