Loud and Clear Customer Focus

Retail Associate Soledad Robinson works with a customer on her passport.

Retail Associate Soledad Robinson works with a customer on her passport.

Employees at the Casa Grande, AZ, Post Office work diligently every day to provide customers with the service they deserve. One individual in particular listens to the needs of her customers and responds with great enthusiasm, despite her hearing impairment.

Retail Associate Soledad Robinson may be hearing-impaired, but she doesn’t let that “minor detail” interfere with her dedication to providing great customer service.

During the second week of June, Robinson’s sales and service skills were reviewed through the Retail Customer Experience (RCE) program. Her second consecutive 100% score shows that USPS customers are her top priority.

“Solie is a great individual who helps the office wherever needed, whether volunteering to change her schedule to assist with distribution, boxing up PO Box mail, serving customers at the window, stocking supplies and even serving on the office safety committee,” said Postmaster Ross Pfaff. “Her background in finance and auditing prior to joining the USPS has built a solid background for paying attention to the details and attending to the small, sometimes overlooked tasks.”

“I enjoy working for the US Postal Service and I take great pride in doing the best I can for our customers,” said Robinson. “I’m happy that I explored the opportunity and was hired by the USPS 9 years ago. Every day brings new and unique challenges because you never know what you’re going to get at the window. I am so glad that Ross came across the country to be our Postmaster. He has made a lot of positive changes within our office and has made it a better place to work. The positive changes have resulted in a happier workplace to the point where I look forward to coming into work every day now. That makes it so much easier to do what I need to do, which is to focus on taking care of the customers.”

Robinson may need occasional assistance with her hearing, but those who work with her have no problem hearing her. Her commitment to customer service is loud and clear.

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