Set It and Forget it Purchasing

Set it and forget it purchasing

Consumer demand for the convenience of online purchases and home delivery is increasing every year. To service this demand, many brick and mortar stores have adapted their operation to offer more product availability, shipping options, and discounts online. As they do, customers have more incentive to continue doing business with those organizations that better suit the needs of a busy lifestyle. To that end, Target began offering online discounts through a specific service last year that caters to on-the-go parents. Recently, the company announced an expansion of that service to accommodate a more diverse audience.

In mid-April, Target revealed a more diverse product offering with its online Subscription service. The service allows participants to select everyday household items such as paper towels, laundry detergent, and printer ink for regular delivery at specific intervals. Customers can choose among thousands of items for delivery schedules that they set and in quantities they select. The service comes with free shipping on returns for an unwanted product or a customer can choose to return the item to a local store. Individuals receive a 5 percent discount on items through the service and another 5 percent if they use their store card to purchase them.

Target ships through a variety of carriers, including the Postal Service. The availability of affordable, efficient shipping services is crucial to maintain profitability at online stores, particularly when free shipping and Internet-based discounts are offered by an e-tailer.

Like the Subscription service offered at Target, many new online service innovations will be created in the coming years to attract customer into their digital showrooms. Finding the right shipping partner could be the key difference between a successful venture and an expensive flop.

Do you think the Postal Service is poised to be the carrier of choice for tomorrow’s Internet shopping solutions?



  1. grannybunny

     /  June 30, 2014

    Yes, I do believe USPS should be the carrier of choice for internet shipping. We go everywhere, cheaper and just as quickly as our private sector competitors. In fact, we’re carrying a substantial — and growing — portion of their deliveries, too.

  2. Jonn

     /  June 30, 2014

    I have to agree. I’ve checked out prices with other carriers and there us no cost comparison to USPS. USPS is the lowest cost option, and I never have a problem with deliveries. Well, except that one time a neighbor stole my package in front of my door. Amazon was quick to reimburse me though and I haven’t had a problem since. Amazon and USPS will rule the shipping world in the future. You heard it here first! 🙂

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