Flying Mail Delivery Vehicles

Flying car

Many science fiction stories, optimistic visionaries, and automotive enthusiasts had expected the presence of flying personal vehicles to be littering the skyways by the year 2000. Here in the year 2014, the reality of flying cars remains as much a dream as manned missions to Mars. While neither prospect is currently seen as an everyday occurrence, progress has been made with both to bring science fiction closer to modern reality. When flying cars eventually become a reality, could the Postal Service use them to deliver the mail?

There are a variety of companies currently working on the goal of creating a ground vehicle that can also convert into a flying personal transport. One such vehicle is the Transition from Terrafugia. The personal, two seat vehicle isn’t capable of vertical takeoff and landing and can only be flown out of approved locations, but it could make delivering mail to some of the more remote postal customers easier and less time consuming than ground vehicles, if ground transportation is even possible.

There are many towns within the United States that are difficult to access, and some may be without any connecting roads at all such as in Seldovia, Alaska. A flying car could make accessing these locations easier while also increasing efficiency of delivery. A car could fly into town, drive to the Post Office to drop off mail, and then fly out. No need for a second, ground-based vehicle to travel from the plane to the Post Office. A flying car could also traverse craggy mountains, large lakes, and wide swaths of empty land far more efficiently and directly than any ground-based vehicle can offer.

A future version of the Transition flying car that offers vertical takeoff and landing is currently in development and could further enhance the opportunity to deliver mail to many hard to reach communities.

Do you think flying cars will be a common sight in the skies above within the next 10 years?

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  1. Teresa Adcox

     /  June 25, 2014

    If they are resonably priced, use accessible energy and are safe, then I want one. I am confident the majority of individuals and businesses will want the convenience, thrill, and promptness.

  2. Jonn

     /  June 30, 2014

    I agree! When the price comes down on these, and I can get vertical take off and landing version, I’ll take one for those long commutes. City living is becoming more expensive all the time. With a carplane in my garage, living in a rural area while working in the city will be a big cost savings without a long commute time. I can imagine some postal carriers would love the chance to deliver mail in a carplane too. What a thrill!

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