Gender Gaps in the Workplace

Gender gaps in the workplace

Recently, Royal Mail has transformed its role as a government entity into a publicly traded company on the stock exchange. The responsibility of preparing the organization for that transition was not an easy role to take, but in 2010, a seasoned individual was brought in to champion a turnaround in the mail service.

Returning Royal Mail to profitability after years of deficits, Chief Executive Officer Moya Greene is an individual who promotes improvement through change. One of her focuses on change involves balanced employment opportunities for women in the United Kingdom.

During a women’s conference in 2012, Greene said that women are not as represented as they should be in society and companies in the United Kingdom, including Royal Mail. Greene also stated that when she previously worked for the Canadian civil service, she saw a dramatic change in gender composition of the workforce after hiring quotas were initiated. Greene postulates that quotas could also be implemented in the United Kingdom with similar effect.

Gender gaps in the workforce and the search for opportunities to correct them are not unique to a specific organization or country. Recently, a similar discussion was held in the United States when President Obama discussed an income gap between men and women. The website lists women earning 77 cents of income for every dollar a man earns.

As the debate on how to improve employment conditions moves forward, the opportunity for employees to enjoy fair workplace practices will continue to grow.

Should hiring quotas be implemented to correct workplace imbalances?

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