Size Matters

Size does matter

Recently, FedEx announced that it will begin charging dimensional pricing on certain ground-based shipping options. Currently, dimensional pricing on ground-based shipping only applies to items greater than 3 cubic feet. Beginning in January, 2015, the new pricing structure will take effect and items smaller than 3 cubic feet will be subject to additional fees for the space a package occupies.

Lighter, but larger items such as toilet paper and paper towels will be subject to additional dimensional pricing fees to compensate the carrier for the space they occupy. The more space any one package occupies in a vehicle, the fewer number of packages the vehicle can carry in one trip. With vehicle space at a premium, charging customers for the space their packages occupy isn’t unlike other space-based rental fees. Renters of apartments, storage units, or kiosks at a mall pay more for larger spaces for the time the units are occupied. If a person needs more or less space over time, a different sized unit can be acquired, and the price of the unit will adjust to match the new dimensions.

While the realities of higher costs are forcing businesses to pass on those costs to the consumer, there are still bargains to be found. Flat rate shipping options through the Postal Service’s Priority Mail service affords the opportunity to send items anywhere in the country for one flat fee. With a variety of sizes available, Priority Mail is a shipper’s best bet for value and convenience.


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  1. grannybunny

     /  June 20, 2014

    Nice headline! 🙂

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