Mainstreaming Same Day Delivery

Mainstreaming same day delivery

Many businesses around the world, both small and large, have either been created for or adopted the idea of same day package delivery service. From startups like Shutl and Deliv to well-known names such as UPS, FedEx, and USPS, the significance of having a same day delivery service presence in today’s fast paced, digital world couldn’t any more profound. The long-term implications of instant shopping gratification aren’t lost on companies who want to embrace the future of package delivery demand, but may not be as far along in the process of adoption as their competitors. This is likely the reason why a major player in the online marketplace recently acquired a small, nimble company with a well-received same day delivery business model.

In October 2013, ebay acquired the United Kingdom-based same day delivery business Shutl. Shutl is a technology developer that creates a marketplace out of existing companies and connects then together. When an online shopper purchases a product from a store and selects Shutl as the delivery service, Shutl technology identifies the store nearest to the customer that has the item for sale as well as a courier close to the customer. The courier will pick up the item from the store and deliver it within minutes of purchase or within a one hour window of the customer’s choosing.

While there are many Shutl service areas within the UK, availability in the United States is limited. Ebay hopes to capitalize on Shutl’s reach and technology to serve a greater audience, giving its own customers expanded delivery options. Ebay currently has its own version of a same day delivery service called ebay now in several cities including Chicago, Dallas, Manhattan, Brooklyn, NYC Queens, and the San Francisco Peninsula. Ebay now offer’s customers in its service areas the opportunity to purchase items from local stores for $5 per store with a minimum purchase order of $15. Items are delivered in about an hour.

As same day delivery service is adopted by companies not traditionally in the package delivery business, competition for such services may become increasingly fierce. Until one or more participants emerge as the clear victor in same day delivery services, the field is still wide open for new and existing entrants to prove their dominance in the field and gain the loyalty of a solid fan base.

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