Watch Out for Bogus Emails

Watch out for bogus emails

Scammers are always looking for easy access to sensitive information, and they’ll use every trick they can to get what they want. A recent ploy used by digital bandits is to send emails to unsuspecting individuals claiming to be from the Postal Service. The only services delivered by these emails are frustration, lost privacy and the possibility of financial harm.

The message contained within a bogus email informs a recipient about an attempted package delivery. It creates a sense of urgency, heightening both curiosity and fear, then instructs the reader to click on a link, open an attachment, or print a label. If an individual clicks on the content of the message, it opens up that person’s computer to potentially devastating consequences.

The simple act of clicking on an object in the email can install a malicious virus designed to steal personal information from a computer. When installed, the virus can grab user names, passwords, financial information, and more. Everything on a victims computer might become completely accessible to a scammer for use in whatever manner he or she desires. Despite the clever attempt at manipulating a target into clicking an object in an email, there is something everyone can do to help protect themselves – don’t click it.

If an email such as the one above pops into an inbox, the best thing a person can do is to delete the message.

To report this scam to the Postal Inspection Service, email:

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