Time is Running Out for Spider-Man Supplies

Spider Man postage

Time is running out to pick up your Spider-Man First-Class Forever stamps and Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes.

Promotion of this popular icon, which began April 1, will come to an end on May 31. Fans of the iconic hero can still pick up postage stamps with his likeness emblazoned boldly across them at USPS Self-Service Kiosks. While visiting the local Post Office, be sure to pick up free Priority Mail packaging with Spider-Man’s image for your mailing needs. To find a USPS kiosk near you, click here.

To order a Spider-Man-themed Priority Mail Flat Rate box, click on one or more of the items below:

–        Spider-Man Priority Mail Flat Rate Box Variety Pack

–        Spider-Man Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box

–        Spider-Man Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box – 1

–        Spider-Man Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box – 2

Spiderman boxes 2

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