Anticipatory Shipping

Anticipatory shipping

Fans of online shopping usually become repeat buyers at particular digital storefronts when they receive quality products and service. One major Internet storefront plans to introduce a new type of shopping experience that might prepare customer purchases before they even order them. recently revealed its anticipatory shipping strategy to decrease the time it takes to deliver items to customers. The system scans a customer’s purchase and viewing history as well as other data and attempts to identify what a customer is likely to purchase in the future. The system will then send anticipated purchases to a facility near the expected destination, thereby reducing the travel distance and time in transit if and when the customer places an order.

While the system will attempt to anticipate a customer’s order, it won’t ship items to a customer until the order is actually placed.

In the fast-paced, digital world of today, e-tailers that provide customers with a faster delivery service for equivalent products may find themselves with a valuable competitive advantage.

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