Postal Meal Deliveries

Postal meal delivery

After a hard day at work and battling traffic to get home, some look to quick meal solutions to spend time on life’s other demands. Whether that includes a trip to a fast food restaurant, ordering food delivered to the home, or heating up a pre-packaged meal, finding quick food solutions is becoming increasingly desirable in a fast-paced world. If a popular shipper entered the food delivery market, would there be enough demand to support the venture?

There are a variety of businesses around the country that currently offer in-house food delivery. While their numbers are plentiful, many restaurants both big and small have no such delivery network. Other companies unaffiliated with these restaurants have stepped in to fill this void.

Most meal delivery companies have a pre-arranged agreement with the restaurants they service and charge a wide range of delivery costs to go along them. Costs for those who place an order can consist of a flat fee and percentage of the bill, require a minimum order amount, or require no fee at all. With so many consumer choices available for an expedient meal, is there room in the market for the Postal Service to enter?

The Postal Service isn’t an unknown entrant into the delivery business. It’s a well-known and respected brand with a reliably affordable service. It has experience in the same-day delivery market and has a large network of vehicles and hardworking employees. It’s possible that local USPS offices could partner with eateries in the area to pick up and deliver meals to hungry customers. Vehicle capacity permitting, additional staffing could be obtained if necessary with the specific task of delivering meals. When business is slow during normal lulls in activity, these individuals could switch to assisting in package or other delivery.

If such a venture were to be considered, do you think there would be enough demand for a USPS Fast Eats service to warrant a test run?

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