Civil Servant of the Year

Civil servant of the year

Hamel, MN, Rural Carrier Shelly Breitenfeldt with her Civil Servant of the Year award.

Hamel, MN, Rural Carrier Shelly Breitenfeldt admits to being surprised when she was named a 2014 Civil Servant of the Year by the Federal Executive Board of Minnesota. But her record of volunteer service in her communities proves the FEB got it right.

Breitenfeldt’s compassion for those in unfortunate circumstances shines especially bright. She works to free young girls from the horrors of the sex trade, working with law enforcement and court officials in three counties to provide training and other programming to increase awareness and reporting of human trafficking.

She also works to help those with addiction issues, people with disabilities, and to break down stereotypes through education. She takes her inspiration from those she meets; friends, family, co-workers, customers or total strangers. Her drive to help comes from what might be called her personal version of the Golden Rule.

“It’s so much easier to just do something nice for somebody,” she says. “In the end, everybody just wants to be loved.”

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