Amazing Spider-Man

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Want an amazing shipping experience? The Postal Service has teamed up with a famous web-crawler for a truly unique encounter.

Available for a limited time, Priority Mail Flat Rate packaging material is available from the Postal Service featuring the image of the Amazing Spider-Man. The powerful pairing of Spider-Man with Priority Mail makes for unbeatable shipping value and reliability. Click on the links below to order your Priority Mail packaging material today.

–        Spider-Man Priority Mail Flat Rate Box Variety Pack

–        Spider-Man Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box

–        Spider-Man Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box – 1

–        Spider-Man Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box – 2


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  1. Jonn

     /  May 13, 2014

    I recently used a medium flat rate spider-man box and it looked pretty cool. Do this with the new Transformers movie too. Put a different character on each size box: Bumblebee for small boxes and Optimus Prime for large boxes. Which transformer do you think should be on the medium ones?

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