Breaking Drones

Breaking drones

In the not too distant future, drones are likely to become an everyday sight. Serving purposes from law enforcement to package delivery, drones have the potential to provide more efficient and less costly eyes, ears, and hands than people could offer in similar functions. When these drones begin to take flight, will they become a tempting target for unscrupulous individuals to attack?

From planting mischievous programs in the computers of unsuspecting individuals to siphoning cash from bank accounts, hackers have attempted to crack computers of all types for both fun and profit since the invention of the personal computer. Beyond desktop computers and ATM machines, hackers have looked for challenges that some might not have considered possible such as phones, thermostats, and even personal vehicles. When drones have become a commonplace element of society, will hackers be able to resist the temptation to gain control?

Autonomous drones rely on global positioning system technology to guide their flight to and from their destinations. If a hacker found a way to manipulate this signal, it’s possible they could alter the destination of the drone. This could prevent law enforcement from monitoring a suspected criminal, a news agency from following a breaking news story, or a shipping company from making an important delivery.

While such situations might be possible when drones are introduced in the next few years, what won’t be possible is for hackers to prevent mail and package delivery through USPS. With nearly 500,000 men and women dedicated to making each and every delivery by human hands, competitors might find the integration of drones into their service lineup to be a logistical nightmare.

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