Employees Go The Extra Mile

Employees go the extra mile

Carrier Technician Tom Summer, Customer Services Manager Michael Ridgway, and Customer Services Supervisor Jadee Rand go the extra mile to connect a little girl with her presents.

A grandmother’s worry was recently alleviated thanks to the diligent efforts of three employees.

Jacquelyn Johnson wanted to send her granddaughter several special gifts in March. She packaged them in two separate manila envelopes, placing a sticker with a teddy bear on one and of Bert and Ernie on the other. When she checked the tracking information for the teddy bear package, it was marked Undeliverable as Addressed.

With growing concern, Johnson called the last known location of the package, Sellwood Station in Portland, OR, and spoke to Carrier Technician Tom Summer. Summer gave her the contact information for the Portland, OR, Milwaukee Station where the package had been transferred. When Johnson called and explained the situation to Customer Services Manager Michael Ridgway, Ridgway and his team went to work locating the package. Within 30 minutes, Ridgway called Johnson to inform her that the package had been located. Johnson had transposed the street number on the package causing the delivery issue.

Two packages had been send by Johnson that day, however, and when she checked the tracking information on USPS.com, she discovered that the second was also Undeliverable as Addressed. She called the Milwaukee Station once again and spoke with Customer Services Supervisor Jadee Rand. Rand recalled seeing the Bert and Ernie sticker described by Johnson in her search for the teddy bear package and was able to quickly retrieve and correct the address on the package.

“The actions of these three postal workers should be noted as they went well beyond their normal routine to locate packages that, through my fault, not theirs, resulted in two undeliverable parcels that otherwise the USPS would have had to return,” said Johnson. “Tom, Michael, and Jadee not only made my day, but also my six-year old granddaughter’s day.”

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