PC vs. Mobile

PC vs mobile

In the not-so-distant past, personal computers (PC) were all the rage. From computers with 4KB of RAM in the 1970s to the comparatively monolithic 16GB+ of today’s systems, PCs have continued to adapt and grow as technology has advanced. Just as cassette tapes, floppy drives, and CRT monitors have disappeared in the modern age, could desktop computers give way to future mobile technology?

According to the research company Gartner, 2013 worldwide shipments of PCs dropped 10 percent from the previous year, representing the worst decline in PC history. The company also states that emerging markets are turning their focus to mobile technology as their first computing devices, further hampering PC sales demand.

Mobile technology has made it easier for people to stay connected with friends, enjoy their favorite books and television shows, pay their bills online, and conduct much of their shopping needs – wherever they happen to be. Whether it’s at an airport, grocery store, or at work, many everyday computing needs can be fulfilled with compact devices that can go almost anywhere.

There is a silver lining to PC sales for 2014. Gartner states that thin, light-weight PC designs are likely to gain favor with consumers and stabilize a multi-year decline in PC sales.

As consumers come to rely more heavily on their smartphones, tablet devices, and future mobile technology for their computing needs, demand for less nimble devices such as the PC will likely continue to decline.

With USPS’s recent integration of mobile point of sales technology at a variety of test locations, do you think such mobile platforms could someday replace computer terminals at the retail counter?


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  1. Jonn

     /  April 11, 2014

    I remember my old TRS-80 and Commodore 64. They were awesome computing monsters when they were born. Now they sit in a garage, untouched since the 80s. Who knows. They could add to my retirement fund in the next few decades as antique collectibles. Today, I stick with my laptop. I can type much faster on it than any phone or tablet.

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