International Package Transparency

International package transparency

Recent growth in Internet-based shopping has shattered customer expectations regarding traditional product markets. Far beyond what catalogs and brick and mortar stores have typically offered in the past, e-tailers are giving customers across the world more choices in product availability than anyone thought possible just a few short years ago. While product availability is growing in leaps and bounds, some shipping companies have come across hiccups in the delivery process across international borders. That’s one of the major reasons why the E-Parcel Group (EPG) was created.

Established 18 years ago by nine postal organizations in northern Europe, EPG sought to improve service standards, customer response times, and visibility when handling packages across borders. The group has since expanded to include 32 countries in Europe and North America.

Managed by the International Post Corporation, EPG provides cross-border tracking of parcels, ongoing monitoring and reporting, a payment system based on performance, and an automated customer service system linking member post call centers.

EPG has helped ease difficulties typically encountered in working with international partners that use unique, and not necessarily compatible technology. Postal operators working with customers from a fellow EPG member country are able to guarantee delivery dates, improve customer response times, and collaborate more seamlessly with member posts. The collaboration has helped enhance both the e-tailer and consumer shipping experience, allowing for increased revenue through superior customer satisfaction.

Companies participating in the EPG program include:

·        An Post, IE ·        Malta Post, MT
·        bpost, BE ·        Norway Post, NO
·        Chronopost, FR ·        Österreichische Post, AT
·        ColiPoste, FR ·        P&T Luxembourg, LU
·        Correos, ES ·        Poczta Polska, PL
·        CTT Expresso, PT ·        Post Croatia, HR
·        Cyprus Post, CY ·        Post Danmark, DK
·        Czech Post, CZ ·        Poşta Română, RO
·        Deutsche Post, DE ·        Posta Slovenije, SI
·        Eesti Post, EE ·        Poste Italiane, IT
·        ELTA, GR ·        Posten Logistic, SE
·        Iceland Post, IS ·        Royal Mail, UK
·        Itella, FI ·        Slovak Post, SK
·        Latvia Post, LV ·        Swiss Post, CH
·        Lithuania Post, LT ·        TNT Post, NL
·        Magyar Posta, HU ·        USPS, US
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