Aerial Delivery in Dubai

Aerial delivery in Dubai

While enjoying a quiet Saturday afternoon at home, a text message appears with a playful tone on the smartphone. Lifting it to see what special content it holds, a friendly note states that a package has arrived at the front door. With a sense of eager anticipation, the recipient opens the door to the site of a quadcopter hovering just a few feet away.

The scene isn’t cause for alarm, but it could become common for residents of Dubai in 2015. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) government is in the process of putting the finishing touches on its new aerial delivery system. Designed to shuttle items such as ID cards, driver’s licenses, permits and other government documents, the quadcopter delivery system will be fully automated, eliminating the need for human interaction to guide the drone to its destination.

To ensure documents are delivered into the right hands, the final version of the quadcopters will contain an identity confirmation system such as an eye and fingerprint scanner. A six month test of the system is likely to begin soon. If all goes well during the test, residents of Dubai could see drones sailing through the skyways on a regular basis soon thereafter.

While UAE isn’t the first organization to plan a wide-scale implementation of a drone delivery system, it will be the first to actually implement it if all goes according to plan. Amazon and UPS announced a similar system late last year, but neither organization currently has a publicly released timetable for implementation.

With all eyes around the world focused on this unique form of delivery, the UAE will find itself in the spotlight as other organizations attempt to assess whether or not a successful implementation will warrant their adoption of a similar program.


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  1. Jonn

     /  April 10, 2014

    I think it would be cool to see drones in the air, but I wonder about privacy in the future. I wouldn’t want those things peeking through my window at night. My cooking is terrible, and I wouldn’t want someone to Snowden it to Youtube for everyone to see. Talk about embarrassing.

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