Strange Items in the Mail

Strange items in the mail

There are many stories of unusual items being transported in the U.S. Mail such as a plunger, a zucchini, a dog bone toy, and a complete McDonald’s meal. While some might not expect to see items such as these coursing through the mail system, there are other items flowing through the mail in other parts of the world that might make them seem almost common place.

DHL Express has an annual list of quirky delivery requests, and some of the items recorded for the 2013 collection include:

  • Nine silverback gorillas shipped from the United Kingdom to Gabon
  • Formula 1 race cars and related equipment shipped to tracks across the world
  • 30,000 deep-dish pizzas shipped to troops in Afghanistan
  • Live human eyes shipped in Kenya
  • Laundry shipment from the United Kingdom to South Africa for dry cleaning
  • 1.7 tons of fresh flowers shipped from Johannesburg to Cameroon for two weddings

As long as there’s a need for shipping a wide variety of items to parts across the country and the globe, there will always be a need for a strong and versatile delivery service.

What unusual items have you received or sent in the mail?



  1. Anonymous

     /  April 2, 2014

    my pay stub…

  2. Postal worker

     /  April 2, 2014

    I guess that I have had customers ship the usual “unusual” items such as: cremated remains, baseball bats for the college team, hunting rifles, precious family pictures, one student shipped all her stuff because it was cheaper than a moving company (she didn’t send the bed or couch but pretty much everything else), snow shoes, lots of different types of homemade goodies, baby chicks and homing pigeons and queen bees. I’ll bet there are some of you out there who have seen a lot more unusual items.

  3. grannybunny

     /  April 2, 2014

    Coconuts & beach balls with messages written on them. Messages (party invitations) inside unwrapped bottles. Bare-root trees for planting. Live roosters, crickets and worms; inevitably, at least 1 cricket manages to escape and can be heard chirping in the workroom for some time thereafter. Unwrapped fishing rods and reels.

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