The Spirit of Quality Driving

Marie Huntoon

C. Marie Huntoon is a Highway Contract Route carrier in Bennett, CO, and has driven the same route since 1983. Recently, she was given the distinction of being awarded with the Postal Service’s Eagle Spirit Award.

The Eagle Spirit Award was first presented 26 years ago for outstanding contributions by companies and individuals who transport mail under contract. Bennett Postmaster James Stines submitted Huntoon’s name for the award in recognition of her unwavering dedication to quality mail delivery for more than 30 years.

“Marie is one of the most conscientious employees I have encountered in my postal career,” said Stines. “She is always pleasant, on time and eager to help, open to change, works by the book, and happy to assist if needed. She knows all of her 460 customers and drives 88 miles through the prairie east of Denver.”

Mail delivery isn’t without its challenges, and Huntoon has seen her fair share of inclement weather.

“Marie has delivered mail on “muddy gully road” through hail storms, tornados, snow packed roads and through 5 foot drifts,” said Stines. “In one storm, she remembers spending the night at a customer’s home because she could not go any further in one of the horrendous Colorado eastern plains blizzards.”

While Huntoon has delivered mail for her route for more than 30 years, she isn’t the first person in her family to have been granted the contract.

“This contract has been in her family for close to 70 years, and the mail is always delivered timely and in the same honest and courteous manner as her father had done before her,” said Stines. “At 65 years old, Marie is an excellent employee and an outstanding representative of the U.S. Postal Service.”

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