Scammer countermeasures

Scammer countermeasures

Scammers will do whatever they can to convince their victims to part with their money, and the tall tales they spin are often too tempting for some to resist. You can help protect friends and family by taking the following proactive steps:

  • Suggest they place their phone numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry. This blocks the number from most phone solicitations and it’s free. Sign up at
  • The FTC suggests that individuals place a password on credit card, bank and phone accounts. Such a precaution may prevent others from diverting money to another account or address.
  • Talk to older family members about foreign lottery fraud. Explain that legitimate lotteries and sweepstakes don’t ask for upfront payments in order to receive a prize.
  • AARP suggests that caregivers advise their loved ones not to attend sales presentations or enter drawings or sweepstakes.
  • Make sure that your loved one is not isolated. If you can’t visit, ask a neighbor or friend, with your loved one’s consent, to watch for the warning signs of fraud. Make sure friends or neighbors know they can call you in confidence if they’re concerned.

For more information on foreign lottery and other scams, go to the following websites:


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