2013 Sustainability Awards

2013 sustainability

Each year, the Postal Service recognizes the outstanding achievements of USPS green teams around the country through the Postmaster General’s Sustainability Excellence Awards. In 2013, many teams made excellent strides in proving once again that going green is a team effort. By working to cut back on waste, they have helped lessen USPS’s impact on the environment, decreasing landfill material and greenhouse gas emissions as well as reducing consumption of natural resources.

Among the many successful sustainability efforts throughout the country, the following teams have demonstrated their commitment to improving the environment for future generations. They are also the recipients of the 2013 Sustainability Excellence Awards in the Western Area:

  • Mid-America District for its decision to domicile Area maintenance technicians in small Post Offices to improve response times and reduce overnight stays.
  • Hillsboro, OR, Evergreen Delivery Carrier Unit for moving recyclables from trash.

“These awardees did a great job helping USPS be green in 2013,” said Postmaster General Pat Donahoe. “They’ve reduced energy, waste, consumables, water, and vehicle petroleum. And they engaged other employees through lean green teams, energy audits, recycling backhaul schemes, compliance with environmental regulations, and the engagement of employees in these initiatives. I congratulate them on a job well done.”

In addition to the award winners, the following teams received an honorable mention for their efforts in sustainability:

  • Seattle, WA, P&DC – Phillips Day-Brite LED’s Dock Door Lights
  • Las Vegas, NV, P&DC – Recycling Program
  • St. Paul, MN, NDC – LED Lighting Project for Dock Lights
  • Des Moines, IA, NDC – Spring Cleaning for Dollars (year round)
  • Salt Lake City, NV, P&DC – Cleaner Greener Facilities
  • Phoenix, AZ, VMF – Squeezing the Green Out of Every Waste Stream
  • Rapid City, SD, PO – Badger State Recovery Recycling Program
  • Kirwin, KS, PO – Small Office Makes Big Difference in Green Initiative
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