Pay for Delivery

Pay for delivery

Customers of mail service around the world appreciate its availability and reliability to send correspondence inexpensively to recipients across any distance. Its continued demand proves that while some business is slowly migrating to electronic alternatives, physical mail delivery will exist for decades to come. A recent survey by one Post Office asked its customer to identify their preference for the frequency of that delivery.

In a recent survey to customers, Australia Post asked its customers if they’d be willing to pay $30 in Australian currency to continue five day delivery service. For those that select no, the Post further asks if the customer would be willing to accept mail delivered to their homes only three days per week.

While the survey might be concerning to some, the Post states that it has no current plans to alter its delivery schedule. As the organization continues to seek alternatives to boost its revenue stream and reduce costs in order to climb out of its annual deficit, it will likely consider all options on the table moving forward.

In the absence of Congressional action to reduce the effect of the prefunding of Retiree Health Benefits on current income, do you think the US Postal Service should consider a delivery charge for maintaining six day per week delivery?

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  1. Anonymous

     /  February 7, 2014

    if you pay for postage to ship or mai itemsl, why would anybody pay again to receive it?

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