Going Fishing – for Your Personal Information

Going Fishing

Scammers love to target easy prey, and they’ll zero in on anybody they can fool into giving up their personal information. Follow these tips to avoid becoming a victim: 

–        Trust your instincts. If an email seems suspicious, delete it without opening it.

–        Delete spam or phishing messages without opening them.

–        Don’t forward suspicious messages.

–        Be careful when subscribing to mailing lists on the Internet.

–        Don’t reply to spam or phishing emails, even if it’s to request removal from the originator’s distribution list. Replying can result in more messages.

–        Don’t click on the unsubscribe URL in an email if you didn’t subscribe to the originator’s distribution list. This lets the sender know your e-mail address is valid.

–        Never click on a “pop-up“ window.

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