Printing in a 3-D World

Business opportunity

Many businesses have offered printing services for customers both big and small for many years. Whether it’s a quarterly finance report, an ad for a local restaurant, or a sign for a lost dog, printing businesses have offered a valuable service to those needing copies of their documents. With the purchase of a new piece of equipment, a particular company is hoping to expand the copying opportunities into uncharted realms.

The UPS Store has recently installed 3-D printers in San Diego, CA, store locations. The printers are designed to allow the fabrication of items, such as machine parts and prototypes, by a process called sequential layering. Since the introduction of the technology in the 1980s, advances in the printing technology and substantially reduced manufacturing costs have placed this fabrication process within the realm of possibility for small scale applications.

With the installation of 3-D printers at UPS Stores, UPS hopes to capture a new market opportunity that’s only just becoming a mainstream reality.

Do you think 3-D printing is a business that USPS could venture into?

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