Somalia Post Restoration

Somalia Post

Civil war has historically brought about significant change that comes with a heavy price. In Somalia, the devastating effects of civil war have resulted in the loss of countless lives and significant damage to the country’s infrastructure. One of the casualties of war was the Somalia Postal System.

In 1991, Somalia Post suspended operations as the war ravaged country struggled to find new direction. At the time, Somalia Post had 100 offices and approximately 2,000 employees. Last month, the Somalia Postal System resumed operation with the opening of its first Post Office in more than 22 years.

As the country continues its path to recovery, Somalia citizens will begin seeing the signs of a return to normalcy with new postal employees resuming limited mail processing. The re-engineered service opens the door once again to international mail operations, with mail destined for Somalia finding entry into the country.

Both the Universal Postal Union and Emirates Post Group contributed invaluable assistance to restoring postal operations in Somalia, with Emirates Post Group handling forwarding and processing of international mail until December 31.

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