Holiday Gift Ideas

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During the holidays, many promotional campaigns for a large volume of products are laced throughout television, newspaper, and Internet advertising. The clarity of finding the perfect gift for friends and loved ones becomes cloudy as uncertainty from the sheer volume of available gift ideas works its way into the selection process. One popular gift idea has found more traction as the years move forward, and now for a limited time, that gift idea is more affordable than ever.

Gift cards have been around for many years as an alternative to purchasing a potentially unwanted gift during special occasions. Individual gift cards are popular for people who enjoy a specific restaurant or retail outlet, but what about cards that can be used at many different stores? That’s the idea behind the sale of American Express gift cards at the Postal Service.

American Express gift cards are accepted at any store that takes American Express cards and can be used to purchase anything available for sale at that location. While these cards usually come with an activation fee, the Postal Service is waiving all such fees for a limited time.

From November 29 through December 12, American Express gift cards can be purchased at 5,000 USPS retail locations for the face value of the card. The usual $3.95, $4.95, and $5.95 activation fees for $25, $50, and $100 gift cards will resume on December 13, however, so be sure pick one or more up soon.

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  1. Anonymous

     /  December 5, 2013

    still no American Express or Halmark cards in the Post Offices that could Sell them = small town PO .

  2. Grannybunny

     /  December 9, 2013

    I wish we could sell MasterCard and Visa gift cards, as they are more widely-accepted than Amex

  3. Jonn

     /  December 9, 2013

    I’d like to see USPS sell a wide variety of gift cards. If I’m going to the Post Office to send packages and letters anyway, why not pick up a last minute greeting card and gift card. I never know what presents to send people these days, and gift cards are a great way to avoid that little problem.

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