Mailing on the Go

Mailing on the go 2

It’s late in the evening. Daylight has drifted away, replaced by the darkness of cold night air. The luxurious comfort of the couch has you in its soft embrace, pampering you after a hard day at work. Nothing can remove you from the relaxing evening you’ve been planning in your mind throughout the entire day – at least not without herculean effort. The light on the television flickers as a birthday scene unfolds on your favorite program. The pleasing event sparks a drift down memory lane, lifting your spirits as you recall some of your most memorable birthday moments with friends and family. That’s when a shrill alarm bell sounds in your head. You snap back to the present and realize that you forgot to pick up a card for your mother’s birthday.

A torrent of options begin to swirl in your mind. Do you remove yourself from your comfort zone to pick up a card this late at night? Perhaps you could leave early in the morning and make a quick stop at the store before going to work. Your thoughts begin to engage in a quiet debate between the two options when the perfect solution unfolds. An app you recently downloaded offers the ideal solution, and you don’t even have to leave the couch to send that special birthday message.

Many new services are available on mobile phones and other portable devices that offer the convenience of digital messaging with the personal touch of receiving a physical card in the mail. The following apps offer both expediency and physical appeal of digital mail hybrid alternatives to people on the go:

Card’s by Apple offers the opportunity to send personalized printed cards using your own photos and messages in the mail through your mobile device. Prices start at $2.99.

Red Stamp has many pre-generated messages and postcard designs available to broadcast special sentiments. Prices start at $1.99.

Postagram transforms a personal photo into a postcard to share special moments in time with others. Prices start at $.99.

Postcard on the Run provides users with the opportunity to not only share photos with others in the form of a postcard sent in the mail, the app can also add a GPS map of your location as well as your digital signature drawn with your finger on a touch screen. Prices start at $2.49.

Postography is a postcard service that uses your personal photos, or any others from its library, and prints them on postcards made from recycled material using vegetable-based inks. Prices start at $1.29.

In a world of increasing digitization, finding a way to transform fleeting electronic messages into something with a lasting impact is becoming easier than ever. Thanks to the expansion of many hybrid mail alternatives sprouting up on mobile devices everywhere, sending a physical message in the mail is as simple as few button presses on a touch screen surface.

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  1. Grannybunny

     /  October 29, 2013

    I had heard that Apple was discontinuing its Cards service.

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