Transforming Beyond the Perf


Hello all, Benny here.

I’ve talked about the website many times before, and it’s one of my favorite locations to learn more about the latest stamp issues. Last week, the site changed its address, and it’s now located at

Whenever someone moves, a Change of Address form should always be filled out to make sure the mail follows a person to the new location. When a website changes its address, the same is also true. Beyondtheperf did just that, and those who still have the old site bookmarked can continue clicking on the link to get to the new site. I’m probably going to change my bookmark to the new site when I finish telling you about it though. I don’t really know what happens to old site addresses when they move on, and I’m not about to lose my link to the best stamp information in town. 

The new site still has the same detailed information on stamp issues that I like, but will also include information on other USPS collectibles, a stamp timeline, and a blog on a variety of USPS topics covering everything from animals to arts and literature to the holidays.

I see great expansion potential for this site going forward, and I hope you’ll join me in checking out what it has to offer.

Have a good weekend everybody!


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