Idaho Postmaster Issues a Challenge to His Customers

Kamiah, ID, Postmaster Larry Beauchamp wanted his customers to better understand what postal employees go through on a daily basis, in particular his Rural Letter Carriers.  So he issued a challenge to the townspeople as part of the annual Barb-B-Q Days festival over the Labor Day weekend.

“I set up a carrier case complete with address labels and made up about 50 ‘dummy’ envelopes,” Beauchamp explained.  “I invited customers to try and case the envelopes.  I purposely used incorrect addresses and sloppy handwriting.

“People enjoyed the opportunity and had fun with it,” he said.  “I gave out prizes to those who participated.”

“We also gave out postcards, balloons, lapel pins to those who stopped by,” Beauchamp added.  “And I also had information available on various postal programs such as Priority Mail and Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM).”

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