Imminent Delivery Notification

Imminent Delivery Notification

As advanced technology becomes an increasingly important part of parcel shipping with each passing year, so too is greater shipping transparency for customer demand. Major shipping companies currently offer varying degrees of tracking capabilities, with some proactive providers sending direct messages to customers as packages reach certain milestones along the delivery network. One shipping provider is expanding its notification service to provide imminent delivery notification and real-time monitoring of packages for customer convenience.

Dynamic Parcel Distribution, more popularly known as DPD, is an international parcel delivery provider that ships more than 2 million packages to customers throughout 40 countries around the world. The company, primarily owned by France’s La Poste, has recently announced that it’s offering a new service to customers of UK fashion retailer ASOS. In addition to tracking notifications already in place, the new service will provide ASOS customers with a delivery notification message that informs them of imminent parcel delivery within a 15 minute window.

The program, called Predict Follow My Parcel, is an expanded version of DPD’s Predict service. The Predict delivery notification service provides customers with a text message or e-mail on the morning of delivery detailing the specific hour in which a package will arrive. The message also gives the name of the driver delivering the package as well as alternative delivery options. If a customer chooses, he or she can send a text back to DPD asking for the parcel to be delivered on a different day or to a nearby neighbor.

In addition to offering the features of the Predict service as well as a 15 minute window of delivery notification, ASOS customers, through the Predict Follow My Parcel service, will also receive a link that allows them to watch the current location of their parcel delivery driver in real-time while en-route to their home.

With online shopping predicted to expand by double-digit growth annually for the foreseeable future, differentiation in the competitive package industry through service innovations will become increasingly vital for survival.



  1. Anonymous

     /  September 21, 2013

    is the mail up ??? OH really people just don’t read and think that they are the only person getting a package how many customers a day ask you to look for a package …. now we are thinking of sending them a message is comming (eye roll please) they all ready know its comming.

  2. Jonn

     /  September 23, 2013

    Yeah, but what time is it coming? If I want to be there to pick up the package, I don’t want to hang out all day waiting for it. I’ve got other things I have to get done during the day, and knowing what time I have to be at the house to get the packege will help me plan my day.

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