Create Unique Postcards through Do-It-Yourself Stamper

Create unique stamper

Sending a quick message to someone through the mail is as easy as picking up a postcard, jotting down a brief thought, adding a .33 cent stamp, and dropping it into any mailbox. It’ll not only delight a friend or family member with an unexpected surprise in the mail, the photos on the other side will often depict a special scene or image unique to that moment in time. With the efforts of a small start-up, the power of creating special moments encapsulated in a postcard could soon be in the hands of eager author’s everywhere.

Postcards have been a popular way to send greetings through the mail since the 1800s. Most postcards circulating through the system feature artwork or a photo selected by someone else. The availability of personalized artwork, however, is usually limited. It’s that limitation that the start-up Stampede is hoping to change.

Stampede is a current project on, the Internet-based crowdfunding website. The project seeks to create stamps that contain a postcard template that can be applied to the back of photographs, converting them into mailable messages. Made of special, quick-drying ink, the template is designed to conform to Postal Service guidelines for postcards in a compact, easy to use stamper.

While the success of the project has yet to be determined, innovative uses of the mail and mailpiece design are sure to help keep special messages circulating in the mail for years to come.

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