CFC Hero Award


For the past three years, City Carrier Jason Valian has been a Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) coordinator for the Main Post Office in Renton, WA. His unique and engaging approach to his job has encouraged many others to donate to a wide variety of the charities available within the CFC program. His superior efforts also helped him earn the 2012 CFC Hero Award.

Besides providing his fellow employees with the sweet taste of fresh donuts every Friday, Valian also regales them with his CFC-oriented poems. The poetry is designed to be a helpful reminder of the value and importance of reaching out to those in need through the CFC.

In addition to the CFC Hero Award, Valian was also awarded the 2012 CFC Campaign Coordinator Award.

Here’s a sample of Valian’s CFC poetry:

“As you partake in these wonderful delights, and your senses, the sweetness ignites. Please remember the CFC campaign and be charitable without restrain. With over 3,000 charities to choose, get out that booklet and peruse. So far, we’ve had 11 people contribute, and their funds, CFC will distribute. To the charities to which they’ve designated, I feel so happy, as though I’m medicated. And over $4,000 they’ve allocated, at least that’s what I’ve calculated. So, if you’re thinking of donating, let’s get moving. Think of all the lives you’re improving. To save the environment, helping people or pets, I promise you, you won’t have any regrets.”


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  1. Jonn

     /  August 16, 2013

    Besides the charitable giving, I think the best part about the CFC is seeing exactly how much of my money goes to admin costs. It’s shocking to see how some charities use much of their donations toward overhead. I sometimes wonder if certain charities are set up to generate personal income or the actual benefit the cause its supposed to help. That said, I’m sometimes sad that I can’t give to many of them. There are a lot of good causes out there, and I just can’t give to all of them. I guess that’s why this program is so important in helping to give people access to causes many might not even know about. Good job CFC.

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