Postal Spirit Transcends Geographic Barriers

Postal Spirit

When employees take a break from the rigors of the job, they often enjoy a refreshing drink, nourishing snack, or have an engaging chat with co-workers. While a group of five postal workers in China were enjoying their break, an unexpected surprise broke their usual routine.

Recently, the parents of a 1 year old girl in China had tucked their daughter into bed for a nap. Shortly afterward, they left their apartment to pick up some medication. It may have only been a quick trip to the local drugstore, but in that time, the little girl had awakened.

Groggy, disoriented, and distraught by the absence of her parents, she wandered out onto the window ledge – five stories above the ground. That’s where she lost her balance and fell from the extreme height of the apartment window.

Fortunately for the girl, five China Post workers were taking a break down below. They noticed movement from above, saw the young girl, and rushed to cushion her fall. Two of the employees suffered minor injuries protecting the girl, but she emerged from the incident with only a minor bruise on one eye.

While postal employees world-wide may never meet their counterparts in other parts of the globe, the spirit of duty and heroism transcend the geographic barrier.

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