Rescheduled Delivery…For a Fee

Rescheduled delivery

In today’s fast paced world, many people find themselves switching from one location to another throughout the day. With so many demands on a limited amount of time, how can delivery recipients make sure they’re available to receive a package when it arrives?

To solve that problem, some shipping carriers allow customers to reschedule a delivery to meet specific criteria. Setting a specific package arrival window is a positive benefit for people on the go, but it’s not without cost.

FedEx’s Delivery Manager program charges $10 to identify a particular day for delivery within a two-hour window of time. For $5, a customer can reschedule the delivery day or delivery address. UPS’s My Choice service charges $5 to reschedule delivery on a different day or to change the delivery address. For $40 per year, premium members of the My Choice service will receive unlimited access to these services without additional cost, though there is a $5 charge to specify a particular 2-hour window of delivery per shipment.

As general shipping windows become less convenient for active individuals, premium delivery schedules could become more of a necessity than a luxury.

Do you think alternative delivery options for a fee are worth the extra expense?


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