Bringing Personal Letters Out of the Phone

Bringing personal letters

There are billions of text messages sent around the world each day. As that number continues to rise every year, individuals accustomed to sending them become more dependent on digital messages than physical ones. With the introduction of a new app, one company hopes to convert those electronic messages back to physical ones.

The new service, called Lettrs, is a cell phone application that gives users the option to type a special message to someone on their phone and have that message sent to the recipient in printed form through the mail. The user can choose the type of font, paper, and envelope replete with a handwritten destination for an added personal touch. The paper can also be scented and a wax seal applied to the back of the envelope for enhanced effect.

The app offers to bridge the gap between digital and physical messaging in a fast paced world. It also gives recipients the chance to save a physical copy of a special message for continued enjoyment in the years to come.

For those individuals always on the go, it could be an opportunity to send a warm message through the mail when a pen and paper aren’t within reach.

Do you think there will be a strong enough demand for this service to support its growth?

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