Dog bite prevention week

Those Wary Eyes Mean Business

“Don’t worry about him. My dog doesn’t bite.”

Many have said something similar to the statement above about their four-legged companions. While their pet might show a generous affection toward family, it may not feel quite the same way about strangers.

There are many reasons why dogs bite. Dogs can be protective of their property, feeling the urge to attack in order to defend. This protection can extend around a yard, a favorite toy, or a human. A dog can be afraid, particularly around strangers, and may strike at someone out of that fear. Giving chase to prey is another reason dogs bite. A dog’s natural pursuit and catch instinct can be triggered when it sees someone running or bicycling.

With many reasons why a dog might bite, it’s important to remember how to avoid being bitten:

– Don’t run past a dog.

– If a dog threatens you, don’t scream. Avoid eye contact. Try to remain motionless until the dog leaves, and then back away slowly until the dog is out of sight.

– Don’t approach a strange dog, especially one that’s tethered or confined.

– If you believe a dog is about to attack you, try to place something between yourself and the dog, such as a satchel, backpack, or bicycle.



  1. Anonymous

     /  May 21, 2013

    “Don’t worry about him. My dog doesn’t bite.”… If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that…

  2. Jonn

     /  May 23, 2013

    Yeah, no kidding. Owners think their dogs wouldn’t hurt a soul, until they do. Big or small, they all have teeth, and they’ll use em if they want to.

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