Unconventional Postal Revenue Alternatives

Unconventional postal revenue

Looking for opportunities to increase revenue is the primary focus of most business operations across the globe. Many look within their own borders for solutions to boost revenue, but at least one Postal Service is seeking a more external source.

Correios, Brazil’s Postal Service, is opening its first office in the United States. Located in Miami, FL, the new office will help the company provide logistics and fulfillment services to new and existing customers in the United States. It will also aid Brazilians travelling in America with their shipping needs.

Internationalization isn’t the only alternative strategy employed by Correios. Thanks to new postal reforms passed in 2011, Correios now has the ability to purchase other companies. That gives the organization the flexibility to diversify its operations, and draw new revenue from sources other than mail service. The organization is also exploring the opportunity of establishing its own banking service.

While many Post Services across the globe are struggling with dwindling mail volumes, Correios is determined to remain a viable operation by taking advantage of other business opportunities.

Do you think USPS should gain the ability to buy other businesses?



  1. Anonymous

     /  May 10, 2013

    The reason : $15 BILLION in debt…

  2. hardworking rick

     /  May 10, 2013

    Good God no! We can’t even find ourselves a loyal PG.

    The USPS is not a Business! It is a SERVICE mandated by the Constitution. This is a service that must be provided to our citizens just like defense and the rule of law.

    If we allow the privateers to get us thinking that it’s just another business, our Country will end up getting screwed out of it – just like we’ve been screwed into allowing monopolies to re-form and once again rule our economy and our political system.

    The made up $15 billion “debt” is nothing compared to the $55 billion the Federal Gov’t owes the USPS for overfunding our obligations (BEFORE the poison pill pre-funding even started). Remember people, this whole “crisis” was manufactured so that our corrupt “leaders” could steal the parts of the USPS system that could make money for them, while leaving us taxpayers to foot the bill for universal service and all the other obligations the USPS fulfills better than any other Postal system in the world. And remember that Corporations and Rich People don’t ever PAY taxes, they get much more than they put in.

  3. Jonn

     /  May 13, 2013

    The problem with not expanding the business is that USPS business is shrinking. As long as it can only pay for operations with the revenue it generates, it needs to expand that revenue to keep up. The other option is it return USPS back under the federal wing and start taking in tax dollars to cover budget shortfalls. Those are the only 2 options for USPS to survive long term.

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