Turning on a Dime

Turning on a dime

Reel Clean is company that produces a product for anglers designed to eliminate fish-repelling odors. When they were in the final stages of launching their website in Feb. 2013, they encountered a serious issue. Their chosen shipper, UPS, had rates so high that Reel Clean would lose money on the shipping quotes listed on their website. That’s when Reel Clean General Manager, Bob Ramberg discussed the issue with Sioux Falls, SD, Rural Carrier Richard Dow.

Dow told Ramberg about the lower prices and fast service USPS could offer to help the company out of its situation. Dow gave Ramberg the telephone number to Business Development Specialist Greg Fjerestad for additional help.

During their conversation on a Thursday, Ramberg told Fjerestad that Reel Clean’s website was set to launch in a few short days, and that any alternative shipping solution would have to be initiated quickly. Fjerestad and Business Solutions Specialist Karri Klein met with the company the very next morning and reviewed USPS prices relative to that of its competitors. It didn’t take much convincing for Reel Clean to realize the value of switching to USPS for its shipping needs. Time, however, was a critical factor in the arrangement, and the switch would have to come with a fast execution.

With no time to spare, Fjerestad contacted Endicia, Reel Clean’s choice for order fulfillment, and discussed the situation with them. Endicia assembled the necessary logistics for Reel Clean and had them up and running by Monday morning.

Reel Clean’s switch from UPS to USPS in a few short days was an instant success. The fast response by USPS to assist Reel Clean is estimated to bring in a healthy annual revenue for the Postal Service.


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  1. Anonymous

     /  April 18, 2013

    Excellent ‘catch’ 😉

    I wonder if the carrier was recognized with a monetary gift of thanks ?

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