Vintage Seed Packets

Vintage seed packets

Growing flowers is a classic way to spread cheer and good tidings. With some seed packets costing as little as 65 cents, the process of planting and nurturing flowers is a relatively inexpensive way to enjoy a soothing activity with a colorful payoff at the end.

On April 5th, the Postal Service issued its Vintage Seed Packets stamp series, celebrating the rich and vibrant colors of flowers that have adorned see packets for more than 100 years. The collection features photographs of classic flowers from 10 vintage seed packets from 1910-1920, including cosmos, digitalis, pinks, primrose, calendula, aster, linum, alyssum, phlox, and zinnia.

Do you have an attractive collection of flowers in your garden that you’d like to share with others? Send a photo of your collection here for possible placement in a future blog post.

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