Deep Freeze Shipping

Deep freeze shipping

Using dry ice to keep temperature sensitive shipments cold is a common practice. With a new option by one particular shipper to replace its use with an alternative product, dry ice makers may be left out in the cold.

FedEx recently began using an innovative way to keep shipments cold. The new Deep Frozen Shipping Solution uses liquid nitrogen dry vapor technology to keep frozen items cold longer.

Geared towards biogenetics and biomaterials, Deep Frozen Shipping touts a sustained, level temperature throughout the shipping process for up to 10 days at -150 degrees Celsius. Dry ice, by comparison, is geared toward shipments that need to remain at -20 degrees to +25 degrees Celsius.  Liquid nitrogen also evaporates harmlessly in the air while dry ice releases carbon dioxide that can negatively impact an individual’s health with prolonged exposure.

Do you think USPS should introduce a deep freeze shipping option to its customers?

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