Mailbox Double Duty

Mailbox double duty

There are many companies looking to cash in on the growth of digital mailbox services. Australia’s Digital MailBox, PostNord’s, electronic mail service, and California based Zumbox are among those that offer consumers a choice in how to receive material that would otherwise arrive in physical mailboxes. A new company making its way onto the scene has a slightly different approach to the concept.

Currently live only in Austin, TX, and San Francisco, CA, Outbox is a company that’s looking to gain market share in the digital mail service arena.

When an individual signs up for service, an Outbox employee will remove mail from a customer’s physical mailbox three times per week, scan all items, and place the material on its website for viewing. Customers can then view the contents of their mail electronically and select any specific items they would like to have delivered physically to their home.

The difference in services provided by Outbox and its competitors involves the collection of mail. For the Digital MailBox, PostNord’s e-service, and Zumbox, mail is either received electronically by participating merchants or intercepted before it arrives at a customer’s mailbox. Outbox collects physical mail after it has been delivered to a customer’s mailbox.

The process of collecting mail after it has been delivered in order to redeliver it digitally can be seen as a form of double duty, causing a delay in its receipt by the customer. The convenience of receiving mail electronically could also be enough of an incentive to offset that delay in delivery.

What do you think about the Outbox service?


1 Comment

  1. Grannybunny

     /  March 12, 2013

    Outbox doesn’t make sense to me: taking mail that’s already been delivered, in order to scan it in and allow the recipients to electronically review it to decide whether or not they want to it be physically re-delivered? If there is a market for this service, I would expect it to be a very small — niche — one.

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