Address Conversion Helps Emergency Responders

Address conversion helps emergency responders

One of the many benefits of a standard street address is receiving emergency help in the fastest amount of time possible. A location such as 1234 Main Street allows emergency responders to identify where a building is and helps them arrive more rapidly to render needed assistance. To aid in the quest for standardized addresses, one particular county in West Virginia is seeking to make all rural addresses within its borders easily identifiable.

Coming this spring, Pocahontas County will be issuing new addresses to rural homes in an effort to convert to a new 911 system. The change is designed to bring transparency and clarity to police, paramedics, and firefighters in the event of an emergency.

The new addresses will contain specific information that will act as a directional guide. An address such as 1234 Main St will be located 1.2 miles down Main Street on the right. This will not only take the guess work out of where a building is located, but will also allow it to be discoverable on GPS networks.

Do you think the delivery of mail to rural addresses will benefit from the new address system?



  1. Mail Carrier - City

     /  February 21, 2013

    Not too much – I’ve delivered mail to “The 2nd house from the corner on a hill with a green roof where the dog has worn out the yard, it’s white and about 2 blocks from 38th street on, I think, Portland Ave”. After conferring with other carriers, we tried delivering to a certain house and were successful.
    HOWEVER, although it may not help rural mail delivery, if it helps our fellow vital service providers, I’m all for it – I’d even be willing to change MY address if they think it would help locate my place in a time of need.
    I’m interested to hear what my brother and sister (underpaid and working way too hard for their own good) Carriers think.

  2. Jonn

     /  February 22, 2013

    It would be good for fill-ins or new people to a route, but if someone already knows how to get to a place through landmarks and descriptions, that’s all they need to know. If installing an address helps cut down on the time it takes for police or the fire department to arrive though, it could save lives. I’m all for that.

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