A Fresh Way to Network

A Fresh Way to Network

Government employees have a fresh way to network with new people and expand their knowledge base. GovLoop.com is a government employee networking site dedicated to encouraging the public sector workforce to learn from each other and work together to grow both their knowledge and career opportunities. It provides a rare opportunity to gain insight and learn from employees in other government agencies.

GovLoop.com started in 2008, and has grown to more than 60,000 members nationwide. One of the greatest assets of the site is its ability to link people together with the common goal of improving the workplace environment through open communication. The collaborative community supports each other to help answer difficult questions and generate creative solutions in an “out of the box” format. That infusion of fresh ideas from people in other agencies offers a breadth of knowledge that encourages and inspires, leading to enhanced opportunities for future growth.

The site also has online guides, tools and apps, training programs, informational videos, and current government job openings to support the specific needs of its members.

Do you think GovLoop is a useful tool for Postal Service employees?

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