Surprise Visitor at Post Plan Meeting


Cheyenne, WY, Post Office Operations Manager Gary Sims

Actor A. Wilfred Brimley

Actor A. Wilfred Brimley

There was a surprise visitor at the Post Plan meeting in Shell, WY, on January 9, 2013. Sitting quietly throughout the entire the meeting, Wilfred Brimley listened carefully to Post Office Operations Manager Gary Sims as he explained future plans of the facility.

Brimley is widely known for his roles in Cocoon, The Thing, and The Firm. Recently, he’s been active in commercials for Liberty Medical.

After the Post Plan meeting, Brimley approached Sims and said, “Son you make a lot of sense. I only go to the Post Office once a week. Thanks.” He shook hands with Sims and walked away.


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  1. Jonn

     /  January 22, 2013

    Those sure are awesome mustaches!

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